cover of Due UntoIn 1799, Denmark wins the East Bay Lottery. With the money he buys his freedom and more. When everything he holds dear is threatened Denmark must ultimately answer the question, to what extremes will he go to protect his family, his life? — What would you do? — Different from the biographies, the plays, the films, the articles, but like Denmark (the character) in Sue Monk Kidd’s novel, The Invention of Wings, the characters of Due Unto are woven from threads of history.

The haunting beauty of the ancient African jungle is invaded by 18th century reality when a king’s warriors attack a village like a violent monsoon in pursuit of their goal. Separated in the Caribbean, Telemaque, soon renamed Denmark, is bound for Madame Chevalier’s unchartered atoll where he learns what he needs to survive a modern jungle. Koi, as practical as beautiful, is sold to a Jewish businessman, Adam Wolff, a smuggler with West Indies roots but an international reach, and brought to Charleston. Their lives follow the fortunes of revolutionaries struggling for and with independence and the dichotomy of liberty amid the bonds of slavery.

Inspired by real people and actual events, strong female characters–though living in a man’s world–exert their influence in this adventurous coming of age love story that takes place during and after the American Revolution.